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The Differences Between Cat5e and Cat6 Cable

the-differences-between-cat5e-and-cat6-cableBusiness decision makers all over Los Angeles are tasked with maintaining communication networks that can keep pace with advances in technology. Expense is an important factor in network installation projects, but long term network solutions require selection of the best possible cabling that will fit within the budget. Anticipated company growth will dictate how long the cable will support the business communications before an upgrade project must be completed. Consult with the best qualified provider of data cabling in Los Angeles has to offer to determine if cat5e cable or cat6e cable is the best choice.

Cat5e Cable Explained

Ethernet and voice signals have been carried across the industry standard cat5 cabling for many years. Cat5e cabling was introduced to address far end cross talk, or electromagnetic interference, when the signal crosses the end of one unshielded twisted pair onto another twisted pair. Installing cat5e cabling in Los Angeles offers some specific advantages, including:

  • Backward compatibility with Cat5 cabling.
  • Upgrades do not cause operational issues.
  • Improved signal-carrying capacity.
  • Capable of carrying 1 Gigabyte per second.
  • Support of Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet.
  • Rated bandwidth of 100 megahertz, which is an improvement over cat5 cabling.
  • PVC protective jacket, which improves durability for the cat5 cabling.
  • Affordability in comparison to cat6 cabling.

Advantages of Cat6 Cable

Network capacity requirements will dictate when to use cat6 cabling in Los Angeles. Project cost can limit the use of cat6 cable, but technology will catch up to the transmission capacity of all networks at some point. Decision makers are wise to view a communication network in a similar way to the freeway system. Expanded roads can carry more traffic just as larger bandwidth can support greater demands for speed and volume of data. Business growth is impacted directly by decisions to save money in the short term instead of acquiring the best advice from reputable installers of data cabling Los Angeles. Certain differences will be noticed after upgrading from cat5e cabling in Los Angeles to cat6:

  • Distances of 700 feet can be spanned with Cat6 cable without the use of a repeater.
  • Bandwidth of 250 megahertz, which is more than double the 100 megahertz of cat5e.
  • Reduced Near-End Cross Talk, or NEXT, parameters.
  • Reduced cross talk, or signal leakage, between twisted pairs.

Careful consideration must be given to two challenges presented by cat6 cabling in Los Angeles.

  • Cat6 network cabling requires experienced installation technicians to retain the compatibility in the cat6 network.
  • Costs associated with the cat6 network components are higher than any type of cable except for fiber optics.

There are certain applications that will require installation of a cat6 network. Site visits to existing installations can be arranged with sufficient lead time. Some decision makers appreciate the opportunity to speak with users of high-performing networks that support similar equipment and business operations. Consultations with the most reputable provider of data cabling in Los Angeles will answer all of the your questions.

Instead of dreading the cost of installing adequate cabling, contact us today and allow us to provide the information necessary to make informed communication network decisions.