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3 Advantages from WAP Applications

3-advantages-from-wap-applicationsBefore the advent of wireless network technology, setting up or expanding a communication network involved substantial work to string cables. Wireless Access Points, or WAP, allow network users to add devices to a network through the use of a Linksys router. Data is sent using radio frequencies instead of transmitting data through fiber or copper cabling. Businesses of all types are realizing substantial benefits from WAP applications, which explains “why use wireless access points?”
  1. Ease of use – Business processes are no longer stifled by limits on network access points in conference rooms and other areas because devices have connectivity through the wireless Linksys router. Throughout a commercial building, the wireless network can support devices that require connectivity for access to the Internet and email applications. Work continues regardless of the physical location of the device. Multiple devices can be used in the same area without running out of wireless access points. Upgrading the network is easier since the cabling does not have to be replaced to provide compatibility and higher bandwidths.
  2. Lower costs – Office demands on the computer network have always been strained because of the addition of new hardware. More computers, laptops, printers and other devices used to mean unplugging one device to allow another to connect to the network. Wireless Access Points are virtually limitless when the correct devices are used to create the wireless network. Cabling is not required for every device that will access the network. Expansion of the network is faster and less expensive than physical connections. Installation projects are less expensive because there are fewer feet of cable used to support the network. Some cabling is required between the wireless routers in each area, but one cable per cubicle is no longer required.
  3. Visitors are welcome – Office visitors used to inconvenience someone if they had a need for access to email or the Internet. The wireless network allows authorized visitors to connect any device to the network without a physical connection. This convenience allows the visitor to sit anywhere in the building without moving another person out of an office. Presentations and demonstrations are easier to conduct since the original computer can be connected to the wireless network.

People are drawn to coffee shops, libraries and other places because of the convenient access to the Internet through Wireless Access Points. Businesses worry about network security, but firewalls and security protocols are maintained to prevent unauthorized access by devices that are within communication range. Proper design and installation prevents security issues.

Experienced technicians provide important information to decision makers prior to installing a wireless network. Anyone interested in learning more about wireless access points should contact us today to learn more. A current business communication challenge might be solved with a wireless network. Concerns about security procedures and installation costs can be addressed during the initial conversation. Site visits to an existing wireless client are possible with sufficient lead-time. Some of our happiest customers enjoy showing their network solutions to potential clients. Following the site visit, decision makers will understand why use wireless access points.